Cold War Clash

Pilfered Playbook

A rival school has stolen your football playbook! The playoff game is at stake, as well as your school pride! Sneak into the rival school’s locker room and retrieve the playbook before their team comes back from practice!

Two identical rooms for up to 5 players each. Choose the Tigers or Cheetahs room when booking, or book both and compete!

C&NW Railroad Room

Gangsters' Gamble

As a hotel employee, you’ve just been informed by the hotel owner, Hobart, that Al Capone, archenemy of Bugs Moran, has poisoned one of Bugs’ bootleg bottles of booze. It now falls upon you to reveal and remove the tainted hooch before Bugs arrives to pick up his stash. Succeed and all will be ducky. Fail and you’ll be taking the big sleep!

Storm Front

Storm Front

Lost on Lake Michigan, your radio is inoperative, and a storm is blowing in. A nearby ship is also in distress. Can you determine your location and signal the other ship in time to make it safely to port? The fates of two ships and their crews are on the line!

The Double Agent - Escape Room

The Carnival

One by one, the performers at the once renowned D’Arco Carnival are being killed off. Could one of the fellow performers be the perpetrator of these vile murders? Investigate the grounds of the carnival and uncover the identity of the killer. But be warned, the murderer is still at large. Get in and out before you become the next victim!

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