Why are escape games surging in popularity for team building activities?

Fun and exciting:  Your team will have fun playing the game.
Observable team dynamics:  Leaders emerge, problem solvers shine, and organizers keep everyone focused.
Accessible:  Everyone on your team can participate, regardless of age or physical ability.
Affordable:  Available group rates make our escape game a very affordable outing for your team.
Flexible:  Games take just one hour, so you can enjoy a quick diversion or add it to a longer gathering.

Lake Geneva Clue Room has several options for your next team building event. We can host 26 to 32 people per hour across our 3 escape games. Larger groups can play across multiple game times. While waiting for their game time, your team can enjoy the restaurants and attractions in downtown Lake Geneva.

The Lake Geneva Clue Room offers a fun and exciting team building experience. There is truly something for everyone as leaders emerge, problem solvers get to shine, and organizers keep everyone focused and on track. Everyone has the ability to participate regardless of age or physical ability. With games taking just one hour, you can enjoy a quick escape from your day or combine it with other activities to make your day perfect.

Want to add Lake Geneva Ziplining Adventures to your team building experience? The Lake Geneva Clue Room and Lake Geneva Zipline Adventures are partnered up to offer the very best team building day for your group. For just $90 plus tax per adult, you can start your day escaping the Lake Geneva Clue Room while being observed by a trained facilitator from Lake Geneva Zipline Adventures. Then make your way over the the Lake Geneva Zipline Adventures facility to continue your fun day and team-building program. 

Lake Geneva Team Building Adventures creates a customized program for your team. We want to help you accomplish the outcomes you set out to achieve. Whether that’s building leadership, effective communication, collaborative skills, or just trying to have fun as a team, we’ve got you covered. Using the Experiential Learning Cycle, our hands-on approach to group development offers a unique opportunity for group members to interact, bond, explore roles within the group, have fun and learn from their successes and failures.

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